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Transform your sales pipeline in just four weeks! Get 5 high-quality sales meetings scheduled weekly with your ideal prospects, all without stretching your budget.

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No meetings, no pay

Finally, a tool for RevOps that tells you what to do that is most impactful and how to execute the actual workflow or process.

Rosalyn Santa Elena

Founder of RevOps Collective and host of The Revenue Engine Podcast

Struggling to Hit Your Sales Targets?

Discover the obstacles holding you back from consistent sales success.

Poor Targeting?

Unable to pinpoint ideal customers for your business? Inaccurate targeting leads to wasted marketing efforts and lost sales opportunities.

Inefficient Sales?

Guessing who are ready to buy? Lack of visibility into your sales pipeline hinders conversion rates and sales efficiency.

Missed Quotas?

Finding it hard to convert? Without sufficient promising leads, consistently hitting your sales targets becomes challenging.

How the 4-Week Sales Surge Challenge Transforms Your Sales

By the end of the 4 weeks, you will have a streamlined process for consistently scheduling high-quality sales meetings, a clear understanding of your ideal customer segments, and an optimized approach to outbound marketing.

All valued at $4800!

Week 1: Analytics & Insights

Setup RevAmp AI Co-pilot: Implement RevAmp’s AI Co-pilot for your business to gain comprehensive visibility into your marketing, sales, and delivery milestones.

Configure Conversational UI: Set up the AI Co-pilot’s conversational UI to enable deep dives into each milestone, identifying and fixing bottlenecks that hinder sales conversions.

Value: $2400

Week 2: Lead Scoring & Acquisition

Customer Segmentation: Utilize AI Co-pilot to segment your customers, pinpointing high-success rate customer segments with deep insights into job titles, demographics, and firmographics.

Identify High-Potential Prospects: Use these insights to identify and source high-potential look-alike prospects who are likely to convert.

Value: $1200

Week 3: Outbound Email Campaign

Launch Targeted Campaigns: Initiate targeted, personalized email campaigns designed to schedule sales meetings with your identified high-potential prospects.

Focus on Closing Deals: With the AI handling outreach, your team can concentrate on engaging and closing deals with scheduled meetings.

Value: $800

Week 4: Optimize and Iterate

Monitor and Adjust: Track the performance of your email campaigns and sales meetings, making necessary adjustments to improve outcomes.

Feedback Loop: Utilize feedback from your sales team and prospects to refine targeting and messaging, ensuring continuous improvement in lead quality and conversion rates.

Value: $400

The RevAmp Impact

See what others are saying about us.

We rely on RevAmp to uncover issues and identify opportunities at scale. These insights allow us to double down on what’s working.

Marie Hoffman

Head of GTM Operations, Habu

RevAmp’s automation capabilities are revolutionizing the daily operations and annual planning processes for CROs and RevOps teams alike.
Cliff Simon

CRO, Carabiner Group

RevAmp’s data-driven insights have validated our core focus areas, ensuring efficient allocation of our resources. For a lean team like ours, this peace of mind is invaluable.

TJ Macke

VP of Revenue, Violet

A Sneak Peek into Our Secret Sauce: RevAmp AI Co-pilot

During the 4-Week Sales Surge Challenge, the RevAmp team will leverage the AI Co-pilot to execute each week’s activities, ensuring a seamless and impactful transformation of your sales pipeline.

Real-time Pipeline Visibility

Monitor and manage your sales process seamlessly, with real-time updates to track progress and make informed decisions.

Advanced Lead Scoring

Use advanced Machine Learning models to extract insightful customer segments, to source and prioritize high-potential leads

Conversational UI

Use intuitive conversational interface to dive deep into your sales data and get instant insights, enabling informed decision-making.

Personalized Campaigns

Launch targeted email campaigns that resonate with your ideal prospects, driving engagement and scheduling more sales meetings.

How Much Does It Cost?

Total Value: $4800

$250 / sales meetings

No meetings, no pay. If we don’t deliver, you don’t pay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 4-Week Sales Surge Challenge?
The 4-Week Sales Surge Challenge is an intensive program designed to transform your sales pipeline within four weeks. We guarantee 5 high-quality sales meetings scheduled weekly with your ideal prospects, all without stretching your budget.
How does the 4-Week Sales Surge Challenge work?

The challenge is structured into four key phases:

  1. Week 1: Analytics & Insights: We set up RevAmp’s AI Co-pilot to provide visibility into your marketing, sales, and delivery milestones, and configure the conversational UI to identify and fix bottlenecks.
  2. Week 2: Lead Scoring & Acquisition: We segment your customers to identify high-success rate segments and use these insights to source high-potential look-alike prospects.
  3. Week 3: Execute Outbound Email Campaign: We launch targeted, personalized email campaigns to schedule sales meetings, allowing your team to focus on closing deals.
  4. Week 4: Optimize and Iterate: We monitor campaign performance, make necessary adjustments, and utilize feedback to refine targeting and messaging.
What do you mean by "No meetings, no pay"?
If we don’t deliver the promised 5 high-quality sales meetings weekly during the challenge, you won’t be charged. This guarantee ensures that you only pay for results.
How do you ensure the quality of the prospects?
We use advanced lead scoring and segmentation techniques through our AI Co-pilot to identify and prioritize high-potential prospects. Our personalized approach ensures that the leads we target are well-aligned with your ideal customer profile.
What is included in the AI Co-pilot setup?

The AI Co-pilot setup includes:

  1. Comprehensive visibility into your GTM pipeline
  2. Configuration of a conversational UI for deep data insights
  3. Advanced segmentation and lead scoring
  4. Integration with 3rd party tools for lead sourcing and enrichment
How personalized are the email campaigns?
Our email campaigns are highly personalized, leveraging insights from customer segmentation to craft messages that resonate with your ideal prospects. This approach increases engagement and the likelihood of scheduling meetings.
What happens after the 4-week challenge?
After the 4-week challenge, you’ll have a streamlined process for consistently scheduling high-quality sales meetings. We provide continued support and optimization to ensure sustained results and help you build on the success of the challenge.
Can RevAmp be used by teams?
Absolutely! RevAmp is designed to be collaborative and can be used by teams across your organization. Multiple users can access and interact with the platform, ensuring that insights are shared and utilized across departments.
How secure is my data with RevAmp?
Data security is our top priority. We use advanced encryption and strict access controls to protect your data. Our platform is built to comply with industry standards and regulations to ensure your data remains safe and confidential.
What data is shared with OpenAI?
The only data shared with OpenAI is meta-data around the questions that are asked. RevAmp has developed its own proprietary data processing and evaluation tools that handle all customer data, ensuring there is no risk of data leakage to public models. This keeps your business data secure and confidential.
How do I sign up for the challenge?
You can sign up for the 4-Week Sales Surge Challenge by clicking on the “Signup for Free” button or joining the waitlist if spots are currently filled. We recommend signing up early as spots are limited.
What if I have more questions or need support during the challenge?
Our support team is available to assist you throughout the challenge. You can reach out to us anytime for help or with any additional questions you may have.

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