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Transform your GTM strategy with RevAmp’s AI Co-pilot. Target the right customers, identify and fix bottlenecks in your pipeline, and book sales meeting to drive sales.

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Finally, a tool for RevOps that tells you what to do that is most impactful and how to execute the actual workflow or process.

Rosalyn Santa Elena

Founder of RevOps Collective and host of The Revenue Engine Podcast

Are You Missing Out on Revenue Opportunities?

With fragmented data and limited insights, you could be leaving significant revenue on the table and missing out on potential growth.

Poor Targeting?

Struggling to identify ideal customers for your product? Failing to target the right audience segments leads to wasted marketing efforts and lost sales opportunities.

Inefficient Sales?

Guessing who is ready to buy? Without clear visibility into your GTM pipeline across marketing, sales, and customer success, you can’t improve conversion rates.

Missed Quotas?

Finding it hard to locate high-potential prospects? Without enough prospects, you face lower success rates in hitting your sales targets consistently.

Accelerate Your GTM Success with AI Co-pilot

RevAmp AI Co-pilot empowers your GTM strategy with advanced customer segmentation, real-time pipeline visibility, and done-for-you sales meetings.

Customer Segmentation

Get machine learning-based customer segmentation with insightful details on job titles, demographics, and firmographics for precise targeting and lower acquisition costs.

Real-time Pipeline Visibility

Gain full visibility into your GTM pipeline across marketing, sales, and customer success. Use the ChatGPT-like interface to dive deeper and improve sales conversion.

Done-For-You Sales Meetings

We identify look-alike prospects and run targeted campaigns to schedule sales meetings, ensuring you consistently hit your sales targets and meet your sales quotas.

The RevAmp Impact

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We rely on RevAmp to uncover issues and identify opportunities at scale. These insights allow us to double down on what’s working.

Marie Hoffman

Head of GTM Operations, Habu

RevAmp’s automation capabilities are revolutionizing the daily operations and annual planning processes for CROs and RevOps teams alike.
Cliff Simon

CRO, Carabiner Group

RevAmp’s data-driven insights have validated our core focus areas, ensuring efficient allocation of our resources. For a lean team like ours, this peace of mind is invaluable.

TJ Macke

VP of Revenue, Violet

Key Features of AI Co-pilot

Discover the powerful features that make RevAmp the smartest AI Co-pilot for revenue operations.

Customer Segmentation

Use advanced Machine Learning models to extract insightful customer segments, enabeling targeted marketing and sales efforts.

Real-time Pipeline Visibility

Monitor and manage your sales process seamlessly, with real-time updates to track progress and make informed decisions.

Natural Language Interface

Ask questions naturally and get instant, clear responses, simplifying data interaction with easy-to-understand tables, charts, and summaries.

Automated Insights

Receive context-based automated follow-up questions for deep dive to optimize sales pipelines and improve conversion rates.

Continuous Improvement

Provide feedback and training to refine ML model, ensuring insights stay accurate and tailored to your needs.

How AI Co-pilot Works?

See how easy it is to integrate RevAmp AI Co-pilot into your workflow.

Integrate Your Data

Easily integrate your data from platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot and more. The AI Co-pilot will create your customer segments and revenue milestones.

Ask Questions

Ask the AI Co-pilot any questions about your milestones, from identifying potential target markets to tracking your sales pipeline.

Dive Deeper

The Co-pilot automatically asks contextual follow-up questions to help you track demand, identify high-intent prospects and improve your sales conversion.

Learn and Improve

The Co-pilot has its own memory to learn as you use it. You can also give thumbs up / down to tailor it to your specific business needs.

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