47 Must-Know Metrics for B2B SaaS Companies to Smash Quarterly Sales Targets

Manish Katyan

Discover the 47 critical metrics that small-to-mid-sized B2B SaaS companies need to track to hit their quarterly sales targets. This checklist provides baseline numbers, correlation parameters, and assumes the use of Salesforce as a CRM.

June 18, 2024

Ensuring that your sales team hits its quarterly targets requires a clear understanding of the key metrics that drive performance.

For sales and revenue operations professionals, it is essential to monitor specific activities and outputs that indicate whether the team is on track.

This comprehensive checklist covers the critical metrics across various aspects of the sales process, from accurate forecasting to skilled negotiation.

The baseline numbers provided are tailored for small-to-mid-sized B2B SaaS companies, but you may need to find or adjust these baselines for your own industry.

Assuming you are using Salesforce as your CRM and leveraging tools like RevAmp for lead acquisition, scoring, and personalized outreach, you can make informed decisions and steer your team towards achieving their goals.

Each metric in the checklist also includes a correlation parameter to highlight its impact on achieving quarterly sales targets.

Metrics with high correlation are critical and should be closely monitored, while those with medium correlation provide additional insights that can help fine-tune your strategies.

Accurate Sales Forecasting
Metric Baseline Correlation Description
Forecast accuracy rate 75-90% High The percentage of accurate sales predictions compared to actual sales.
Pipeline coverage ratio 3x to 5x target quota High The ratio of the total value in the sales pipeline to the sales target.
Win rate 20-30% High The percentage of sales opportunities that convert into closed deals.
Historical sales trends Varies Medium The analysis of past sales data to identify patterns and predict future performance.
Sales growth rate 20-30% year-over-year High The annual increase in sales revenue.
CRM usage frequency 90-100% Medium The adoption rate of Salesforce among sales reps.
MQL to SQL conversion rate 13-20% High The percentage of marketing qualified leads that become sales qualified leads.
Lead to opportunity conversion rate 10-15% High The percentage of leads that are converted into sales opportunities.
Efficient Lead Qualification
Lead qualification rate 30-40% High The percentage of total leads that are qualified for sales.
Time to qualify a lead 24-48 hours Medium The average time it takes to qualify a lead.
Percentage of disqualified leads 20-30% Medium The percentage of leads that are disqualified.
Average response time to leads Under 24 hours High The average time it takes to respond to a new lead.
Lead follow-up rate 80-90% High The percentage of leads that receive follow-up communication.
Lead disqualification rate 20-30% Medium The percentage of leads that are identified as not suitable and disqualified.
Feedback implementation rate N/A Medium The frequency of updates made to lead qualification criteria based on feedback (subjective measure).
Improvement in lead qualification accuracy N/A Medium Measures the improvement in the accuracy of qualifying leads, indicated by reduced qualification time and increased win rates.
Reduction in time to disqualify leads Under 24 hours Medium The target time to identify and disqualify non-promising leads.
Overcoming Buyer Hesitation
Objection handling success rate 50-70% High The percentage of objections successfully addressed by sales reps.
Follow-up frequency 3-5 follow-ups per lead High The average number of follow-ups per lead.
Personalization rate of outreach 70-80% High The percentage of outreach communications that are personalized.
Effectiveness of value proposition High engagement rate High Measured by the engagement rate in communications indicating the effectiveness of the value proposition.
Usage of marketing collateral in sales pitches 60-80% Medium The percentage of sales pitches that include marketing materials.
Accelerating Deal Velocity
Average sales cycle length 60-90 days High The average duration from lead qualification to deal closure.
Number of automated follow-ups 3-5 per lead High The average number of follow-ups automated through Salesforce.
Efficiency of approval workflows Under 24-48 hours Medium The time taken for deal approvals.
High-value deal win rate 25-35% High The win rate for high-value deals.
Average deal size Varies High The average revenue generated per closed deal.
Frequency of deal reviews Weekly or bi-weekly Medium The regularity of deal review meetings.
Technology adoption rate 90-100% Medium The percentage of sales reps using Salesforce and other sales technologies.
Percentage of tasks automated 20-40% Medium The percentage of routine sales tasks automated through Salesforce.
Ensuring Price Integrity Through Skilled Negotiation
Negotiation success rate 50-70% High The percentage of successful negotiations leading to deal closure.
Compliance with pricing guidelines 90-100% High The adherence rate to established pricing policies.
Frequency of pricing reviews Quarterly Medium How often pricing strategies are reviewed.
Discount approval rate Under 10% High The percentage of deals requiring special discount approvals.
Value-based selling adoption rate 60-80% High The percentage of sales adopting a value-based selling approach.
Other Critical Sales Activities
Meeting attendance rate 90-100% Medium The attendance rate at scheduled sales meetings.
Quality of internal documentation N/A Medium Subjective measure of the completeness and accessibility of sales process documentation.
Customer feedback implementation rate N/A Medium The frequency of implementing feedback from customers into sales processes.
Training participation rate 80-90% High The percentage of sales reps participating in training programs.
Utilization of sales resources 70-80% Medium The percentage of sales resources used by the team.
Self-development activity rate N/A Medium Subjective measure of sales reps engaging in self-development activities.
Frequency of cross-functional projects 1-2 major projects per quarter Medium The number of collaborative projects across different departments.
Achievement of shared goals 80-90% Medium The success rate in achieving goals set across teams.
Participation in team-building activities 70-80% Medium The participation rate in team-building events.
Achievement of sales targets 80-90% High The percentage of sales reps meeting or exceeding their targets.
Lead to customer conversion rate 15-25% High The percentage of leads that convert into paying customers.
Customer acquisition cost (CAC) Varies High The cost incurred to acquire a new customer, aiming for a favorable LTV:CAC ratio (3:1 or better).

Monitoring and managing these key metrics in Salesforce will provide you with actionable insights into your sales team’s performance.

By maintaining a close eye on accurate forecasting, efficient lead qualification, overcoming buyer hesitation, accelerating deal velocity, and ensuring price integrity through skilled negotiation, you can significantly enhance your team’s ability to meet and exceed quaterly targets.

Utilizing RevAmp’s advanced tools for lead acquisition and personalized outreach further amplifies your strategy, ensuring that your team is always engaging the right prospects with the right message.

Stay proactive, measure diligently, and watch your sales team thrive in the next half of the year.



The baseline numbers provided in this checklist are intended for small-to-mid-sized B2B SaaS companies. These numbers can vary based on your specific industry, market conditions, and company size. It’s essential to adjust these baselines to fit your unique context and continually refine them based on actual performance data. This checklist assumes that Salesforce is being used as your CRM, but the principles can be adapted to other CRM platforms with similar capabilities.

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